Over the past 100 years, our family has sustained and done well in a tough country; where many have seen no value, we find there is much to love about this land. The Rooke Ranch has grown and with my parents, Brad and Pat, our ranch now consists of nearly 500 cows, and we farm over 1500 crop acres annually. As a rancher myself for over 15 years, and now with my wife, Catherine our children, Abby, Evan, Evelyn, and Charlotte; the 5th generation, we look to continue the cattle business to the future.

We feel a good cattle herd starts with the cow, she must have good disposition, feet, udder, and temper. Having a strong group of cows in the center of our program is key to providing good stock for you, our customers. The cattle business is evolving rapidly, with many exceptional pedigree's available using A.I. and with the use of genetic testing such as the Zoetis 50k test on every animal to identify desirable traits, we can add to that strong cow with bulls that will give you a consistent, well fleshed calves that the cattle market desires. We believe the accuracy of information is the most determining factor to the value of a bull, you should always get what you paid to receive. Using the Zoetis HD50K test, Ultrasound scanning, using the best proven sires, and growing the bulls at a natural rate gives you what you deserve.

It is our goal to build your trust by providing you a set of bulls that improve your bottom line, and can give you the pride of owning quality cattle. It also our goal to listen to those who know what we don't, and to listen to our customers. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at our farm or yours, or anywhere else on the road between.


T                                                                     is a registered purebred red angus ranch located in the Special Areas #2 near Pollockville, AB. Our ranch was homesteaded over 100 years ago and five generations of the Rooke family have lived and raised a commercial beef herd ever since. 

When the opportunity to purchase the Top Grade Angus herd from Reed and Gay Crapo presented itself, the time felt right to enter the purebred business . As a long time customer of the Top Grade herd, we knew what we were buying, and starting with a quality cattle herd with strong females, good outcross genetics, with lots of potential has allowed us to hit the ground running.